Water lines froze up in the house during a cold spell. Purchased about a dozen 5-gal bottles of Primo water from Walmart.

Went back a few days later to exchange for new ones and they were out of stock. So I asked for my deposit back($6.50 per bottle). They said they don't issue a refund for the deposit, you have to exchange for new ones. I said I wanted to do that but they were out of stock.

I needed my deposit back so I could go to anther store to buy water. They still refused.

Said the product was not managed by Walmart, it was "not their product." I said, "but you sold me the product and took my money!" So now I will throw away these "reusable" containers and buy single gallons (from another store) instead. Sort of defeats the purpose of recycling doesn't it......?

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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When you return the bottles you should have gotten a ticket for each bottle from the return bin. The ticket is good for a latter date if the product is not in stock. Why would you just throw the bottles away?

to Anonymous #1225271

Or you couldve taken those bottles to another location and exchanged bottles there. They are your bottles once purchased thus why it is called exchange. they didnt think this over very well

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