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I'm not asking anything from the company and I'm a little bit less than impressed by their not having an e-mail address...what I have found is that their water bottles have failed more than once and leaked over my kitchen, damaging an expensive carpet and shorting out my GE dispenser...the bottles I get are from Lowes in Howell, NJ.....what I would have asked the company is if it did something like a pressure test to ensure the bottles were in fact still sealed without any leaks and whether they understood that their delivery drivers should not pound them on anything during delivery...along with some sort of a schedule that bottles used after a certain point should be retired from service...I am very careful with these bottles understanding that they should not be subjected to any abuse but still two of them did considerable damage...

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $300.

I liked: Quality of water.

I didn't like: Quality of jug.

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Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States #1225269

Primo water does not do home or office delivery in your area, So its not there delivery drivers pounding them upon delivery.


The email address for the customer service department is In regards to the bottles: They are tested to be leak free.

The bottles are removed from circulation and recycled even before the life cycle has been reached to ensure there are no failures due to overuse. You did not mention the model number of the GE dispenser you were attempting to install it on or how you were installing it. On a Primo Water Dispenser the plug in the top of the 5 gallon bottle is not removed until it is pushed up by the dispenser. By this point the neck is already sealed from leaking.

From what I can determine, the GE dispensers work the same way.

I do encourage you to contact PrimoWater at the email address above. They are very good at resolving issues

to Anonymous #1419150

Back in October of this year, I had a bottle that leaked all over my hardwood floors. Either Primo or Home Depot is at fault.

I have a bottom loader so it does not have to be turned upside down. Someone put duct tape over the crack and we did not find out until it leaked all over our floor.

#1025799 far as the complaint that money was not being given back by Walmart...Home Depot and Lowes have the same get less off the next full water bottle when you return the empty one...I had/have no problem with that and that compliant is just plain silly....all of the three corporations involved explain the policy....

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