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We love our Primo water, but our newest purchase has some sort of growth inside the 5 gallon water jug we purchased from Lowe’s. Didn’t notice it at first.

Thought it was a scrape on the outside of the jug. But I took pictures and there is some sort of growth on the inside bottom part of the jug. I hope we don’t get sick as almost half of it was gone before noticing. We are a large family and it don’t take long to go through.

Fingers crossed there are no ill effects. Shocked

Product or Service Mentioned: Primo Water Bottled Water.

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We also found algae in ours. Unfortunately we were drinking from it before we found it. So disappointed


Do these containers have a "best by" or "expiration date" on the containers? I know individual bottles of water people buy have one.

In any event, it appears the water is old and, like most bottled water will eventually begin to get mold. It shouldn't hurt you.