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I have been buying your 5-gallon bottled water for years from Kroger and HEB in west Houston, Texas. 5 bottles per month religiously. I recently gave up on your INCREDIBLY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and began delivery service with Ozarka. It's $1.00 / bottle more but worth it. I got so tired of your delivery bins either being full or not issuing exchange tickets. This would require the extra hassle of having to explain to in-store customer service why I’m having to dump four, 5-gallon bottles on their counter and explaining I needed 5 tickets because the outside bin took one of my bottles. I began going to managers of each store and asking why this was such a hassle. They would apologize and say Primo bottled water was frequently a topic at their manager meetings. They would call for Primo bin repairs but would always get the attitude response of “take it or leave it”. How do you all stay in business?

The final *** that Primo has given me is both HEB and Kroger have told me they cannot return my bottle deposit and that I must go to Primo. I knew that would be pleasant. Sure enough, your web site says they will return $1.00 per bottle deposit when I paid $7.00 per bottle. Again, how do you all even stay in business? Your business ethics are egregious, and I'm pondering now on who I can go to with this deposit scam, to cause maximum financial damage to Primo.


and *** You too,

Greg Gurley

Product or Service Mentioned: Primo Water Bottled Water.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $35.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Primo Water Pros: Bins at grocery stores are either full or dont give tickets.

Primo Water Cons: Fraudulent bottle deposit pracitice.

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