We bought this water dispenser about 2 years ago at Lowes in Union New Jersey and my family really enjoyed it.Today, we noticed that the cold water dispenser is not dispensing cold water anymore; the hot water dispenser is working pretty well. I also noticed that it is...
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Primo Water - Very disappointed

My friend knew I wanted a cooler so she purchased one for me as a birthday gift. It worked good for a while than it started leaking my cold water out. That was horrible. Companies don't make durable products anymore.
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Primo Water - Not making hot water

We moved the water dispenser from one side of the kitchen to the other side and when we reconnected we noticed a day after that the it's not making hot water anymore
Only an *** FOOL would do any business with this company. Water is priced at $1.40 a gallon in 5-gallon containers, when you can buy bottled spring water just about anywhere for $.99 a gallon. Second, you must purchase the plastic container containing the water for...
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West Burlington, Iowa
I didn't like
  • Being tricked into buying all these bottles
  • Not mentioning bottle cost will not be returned
Came home to see water all over the floor. Damaged wood floors and moldings. About 3-4 gallons leaked out. This occurred once before, but the quick solution was to tighten the plastic inside the bowl. Worked for a couple of weeks, then it happened again. Don’t know...
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I didn't like
  • Water all over the floors
Worst company ever. I forgot my bottles at home so I purchased more thinking I could later reclaim them for groceries or something later. They will not refund my money. Now I have a bunch of bottles I can't use. I am upset with the company and no longer wish to...
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I was bought a new water cooler several months ago and it has always leaks slow. Now it leaks terribly and flooded my office. I contacted customer service and explained the situation and was advised that that's just to bad! No receipt- no replacement. It was imported...
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Being in stage 4 kidney failure it is more about finding the right things to improve your life. I was able to get away from drinking pop without all the withdrawls like before. It is not loaded with junk we dont need which made me sick to drink it. I am proud to say I...
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I liked
  • Liked the water
  • Quality of water
  • Great water
I bought a bottom loader Primo water dispenser about a month ago at Lowe's. The water pump suddenly stopped working this morning. I called Primo's customer service number, 1-866-429-7566, the lady had me do a test to figure if it was the pump. After figuring that...
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I purchased my water cooler about 3 years ago for my apartment in Florida. In total if the unit has been used for about 7 months. The cooler stopped giving hot and cold water. I called custom services I was told it's out of warranty. This is the second unit i purchased...
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